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Thetford Landscaping provides a full service maintenance program for your landscape. This includes lawn care such as mowing, aerating, dethaching, and fertilizing. Garden maintenance such as spring clean up, deadheading, and fertilizing. Tree and shrub care such as pruning, deep root fertilizing, and pest controls. Maintenance is a very important part to a healthy landscape. Proper irrigation, fertilizing, and pruning encourage growth and longevity in your plants.


Thetford Landscaping and Irrigation is a full service landscape irrigation contractor. We design, build, install, and service all types of residential and commercial landscape irrigation systems. We are a preferred Rain Bird and Hunter installer and frequently uses both brands. We own a large irrigation van which we stock with thousands of irrigation parts so we always have the parts on hand to make repairs quickly and cost effectively. We are a certified Backflow Prevention tester and have a working relationship with the Town of Breckenridge Water Department to make sure your drinking water is safe.

The typical high county irrigation system consists of drip irrigation, supporting 5 gallon and larger plantings, which include trees and shrubs. Flower beds and turf areas are spray irrigated with a variety of sprinkler heads depending on the application. Hanging baskets and whiskey barrels we irrigate with a dedicated zone as often they require twice a day watering due to the exposure to the wind and sun. Rain sensors and smart controllers can conserve water and ground nutrients and are add on features that we typically offer to our customers. Either device stops the irrigation system from running during periods of rain and then restarts automatically when dry weather returns. This saves water and prevents properties from being over watered which leaches valuable nutrients deep into the soil where plants roots can't absorb them. Call us to see if any or our services could make your life easier.


Summit County is known to be a holiday oasis; let us dress your home up with spectacular lights to show your festive side! Stay out of the cold and we'll handle everything. We'll even give you our suggestions on how to make your holiday vision a reality.


Just provide the lights and give us a general idea of what you'd like to see, and we'll make it happen. Our calendar gets booked extremely quickly for this service, so call us today to schedule a time and make your home stand out from the rest!



We build stone walls and patios that can withstand the countless freeze/thaw cycles that our climate dishes out. Our patios typically have a 50 year life span because we lay the blocks on a well prepared subsurface. We have a good relationship with Belgard Block whose products are both high quality and have a very natural look. We also can incorporate a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, planter boxes, and flower beds to make your outdoor living experience enjoyable.

Dry stack stone walls are a great way to border flower beds and turf area. We use natural stone and build all of our walls level, with drainage pipe, addressing hydraulic pressure that might build and distort the wall. With proper techniques, a dry stack wall can be very strong, functional, and beautiful for generations.